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The Damage Caused by Dental Abfraction

By Dr.Thomas Tang on March 04, 2017

Dental abfractionHere at Brookfield Family Dentistry, we take great care in properly assessing and treating the problems that patients face. Our commitment to comprehensive general dentistry goes deep, and we always strive to catch problems early when they're easiest to treat. Early detection means better treatment outcomes and smart prevention.

When it comes to dental abfractions, there's a lot we can do to prevent further damage to a tooth. Let's explore the issue right now.

About Dental Abfractions

Dental abfractions are a type of damage that occurs to a tooth through natural means. They are the small, angular notches that form on teeth at the point where the crown meets the gumline. These lesions of the tooth may become rounded over time as the result of brushing your teeth and other factors.

Dental abfraction is not to be confused with tooth decay or fractures, and it is a separate issue entirely from acidic erosion as well. However, because dental abfraction affects tooth enamel and overall tooth structure, dental abfractions can cause problems with dental health.

Causes of Dental Abfractions

Though there is some Many dentists believe that dental abfraction is the result of the stress put on the teeth from excessive pressure. Normal biting and chewing is not enough to cause abfraction ont their own, though.

Tooth grinding (bruxism) and malocclusion are both considered the most likely causes of dental abfraction. If you suffer from these issues for a long period of time, the likelihood of dental abfraction is much higher.

Why Dental Abfractions Should Be Taken Seriously

Anything that affects the overall structure of a tooth or the tooth enamel can potentially increase the chances of fractures, tooth decay, and other serious dental health problems. Teeth that are weakened are more likely to cause people problems both in the short term and down the road.

In addition to increased vulnerability of the teeth, dental abfractions can also increase your likelihood of experiencing tooth sensitivity and dental pain. This discomfort can be felt when biting and chewing or when having food items that are hot or cold in temperature.

There are also cosmetic concerns to consider. While the notches are small to start, they can grow in size if the abfractions go untreated or if the root causes of the abfraction are not addressed.

Treatment Options for Dental Abfractions

The ideal treatments for dental abfractions tend to be dental restorations of various kinds. Tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding can both work wonders. These materials can patch up the lesions and improve overall dental health in the process.

The best course of action is to identify and treat the root cause or causes of the dental abfractions. Typically this means orthodontic care, the use of a night guard for teeth grinding, and so forth. During the consultation process, we can assess your tooth alignment and determine how to best address any issues that you are facing.

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