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Dr. Tang’s Best Dental Holiday Gift Guide - Black friday

By Dr.Thomas Tang on November 19, 2012

Season’s Greetings!

Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dental Office, Dr. Thomas Tang, DDS, during the Holiday Season, is making teeth fun with Dr. Tang’s Best Dental Holiday Gift Guide. 

The Holidays are here and there is magnitudes ingestion of cookies and candies which are potentially harmful to everyone’s smile, as well as, other foods and drinks that could cause severe staining, dulling our smile. Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dental Office, Dr. Thomas Tang, DDS, thought that, “well this is no fun, we all want to enjoy the celebrations but its inevitable this holiday season, we could dull or harm our smile...” Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, thought of a great gift guide to recommend ideas for stuffing your loved one's and friend’s stockings with gifts that can combat tooth decay, cavities and dulling of the teeth, to keep smiles brighter and healthier. 

“Eating foods that are high in sugar, and drinks that are highly staining, without genuine basics of oral care, can result in tooth decay and cavities,” as Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, an accredited cosmetic and general dentist says. “What better way to tackle teeth destroying sugars and more, we often consume during the holiday season, than to gift your friends and family the Gift of Smiles that Dazzles packed with fun as stocking stuffers to care for their or even your teeth?” 

If not removed by brushing or other means, sugars in the mouth can contribute to tooth decay, thus cavities. Naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth form a colorless, sticky film called plaque, yeah for plaque. No thank you. Cavity-causing bacteria within plaque feed on sugar and turn it into acid, which attacks tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay. Sigh

Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, best general dentist delivers great news. “...proper brushing, flossing, swishing of H2O, Fluoride and chewing sugar-free gum are easy ways to fight tooth decay,” as Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, an accredited cosmetic and general dentist says. 

Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Teeth Whitening Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, says after many patients who receive Zoom! Whitening Treatments as well, who desire to keep their smile dazzling white, thought why not make teeth fun and offer encouragement when it comes to oral care to maintain smiles to be brilliant white and healthy? In today’s market, there are fantastic dental products that are packed with hot, trendy and, most importantly, a lot of fun. 

Dental Oral Care does not have to be boring anymore, so Let’s make teeth fun!

This is why Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, an accredited cosmetic and general dentist recommends the following stocking stuffers to could help promote healthily, brilliant and happy smiles this holiday season, as well as deliver smiles, joy and laughter.

Let’s start with the Little ones

Focus here is to keep our little ones brushing and flossing to promote healthy teeth. 

Why not start a Routine packed with Fun?

First really cool idea (in the image displayed above),Thomas Tang, DDS, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dental Office, thought by starting in the Teeth World and our Smile Environment, why not create these cute little hand towels to decor the bathroom to correspond with our little one’s language? 

Sew on OMG! or LOL! or =)~ SB (Smile Beautiful) or BFT (brush floss teeth)...if our little one’s spent as much time texting symbols, perhaps, we can encourage the same in the bathroom, using their language to brush, floss and swish?

This can be at very little cost, and can be personalized with bling, or any kind of personal style.

Now for the rest of the Gift A Smile Guide Some more Great Gift ideas...of course packed with fun.

Cupcake or Bacon Floss anyone?

Flossy bacon and cake! 

It's dental floss that tastes like cupcakes! Even if it doesn't turn the recipient into a regular flosser, it'll at least inspire some curiosity.

Proper dental care is the best way for good oral health. And proper dental care (other than visits to the dentist) involves brushing and flossing. Well, look below for help with brushing, but right now, we're showing off some new floss. Flossing is hard because the only real flavor out there is mint - and that gets stale. Suddenly, two new flosses appear: Bacon and Cupcake Dental Floss!

Bacon and Cupcake Dental Floss takes something we don't like (flossing) and combines it with something we do like (bacon and cupcakes). And just to be clear, these are two different flosses: the bacon tastes like bacon and the cupcake tastes like frosting. We just had to clarify that, so you didn't think the bacon floss tasted like frosting or anything. Because we care about your tastes, your teeth, your smile, bacon, and frosting. Bacon and Cupcake Dental Floss - it's in good taste (get it?) to clean between your teeth.

Bacon and Cupcake Dental Floss

  • Keep your teeth healthy and your tongue happy with these tasty flosses.
  • The bacon floss tastes like bacon and the cupcake floss tastes like frosting!
  • Waxed dental floss.
  • Total Floss Length: 27.3 yds (25m)

Any Justin Bieber Fan Cuties our there?

Do you have Justin Bieber, Under the Mistletoe, CD or iTunes on the list? Well, Justin Bieber has his own Singing Toothbrush and Dental Floss line. 

These items can be found at your local retailers or online easily.

Introducing Brush Buddies’ latest line of oral hygiene products: the Justin Bieber toothbrush collection! Designed to make brushing your teeth fun, Brush Buddies exclusive Justin Bieber dentistry products encourage children and teens to brush properly while enjoying their favorite pop and R&B tunes. Prefer traditional toothbrush styles over musical toothbrushes? Our top-of-the-line Justin Bieber collection includes a wide selection of kids toothbrushes, teen toothbrushes and adult toothbrushes. Or, purchase Brush Buddies’ all-in-one travel kit so your family can take Bieber brushing ON THE ROAD!

The Tough Crowd who love trends but, hey these products are for all ages...Your precious smile is your environment, decor teeth brushing area with a little bling! Thomas Tang, DDS, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dental Office, found this really neat bathroom accessory set to decor the bathroom to encourage making teeth fun. 

Bling Four-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set  

Elite Home Fashions 


Your bathroom will have a great transformation with the Bling Four-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set. This Four Piece set includes the soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and lotion pump all made up with beveled mirror and beads designs. For more fascinating bathroom accessory, try the 6-Piece set that includes the wastebasket and tissue box.

Price :  $49.00

Green Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer: Natural Cranberry Dental Floss

This month I will be offering a Green Gift Guide, a series of products I recommend for holiday gifts. Let's start with something everyone needs--dental floss! This is not your run of the mill dental floss however, it's cranberry dental floss from RADIUS. Not cranberry flavored, but coated with cranberry phytochemical essence which prevents plaque and gum disease. This would make a brilliant stocking stuffer. It's on sale right now for 25% off and you can find it HERE

Cranberries can be good for more than serving over turkey. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the antioxidants in cranberries and their natural ability to fight UTIs and even gum disease. Dr. Oz talked about it on his tv show and recommended cranberry floss. Even Glamour reviewed the tart and tangy floss.


Fanimals Dog Butt Floss 
Retail price -$15
Available for purchase at:

Who among us doesn’t forget to floss?  Probably because the floss tends to get lost in the cabinet somewhere? The Fanimals Butt Floss will be hard to get lost and more than likely to guarantee laughter. Any one on your gift list from Aunt Anna to little Billy will love this quirky dog butt floss dispenser that sticks on the mirror and offers a humorous reminder to keep those pearly whites clean.

Take Dental Oral Care Mobile!


Colgate Wisp $8.49 (16 brushes)

Now you’re talkin’!  A toothbrush on-the-go that you use once and toss without the fuss!  Stash this mini Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrush in your handbag for emergencies – on a date, night out, or plane ride.  Simple as chewing gum but with more effective cleaning & refreshing power. Brush at your own convenience.  Any time, any place.  The best part of it all… there is no need for water or toothpaste!  All you need is just this mini brush to get the job done.

Available in Cinnamint, Peppermint, and Spearmint.

Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrush $8.49 (16 brushes)

Philips Sonicare™ Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer

Dr. Tang highly recommends that all families should have if possible the Philips Sonicare™ Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer, LISTERINE® Total Care or Act Fluoride rinse and dental floss. If you have not tried the Sonicare™, we recommend that you do, as it deeply cleans without destroying the enamel, effective as stain and plaque removal and prevention. Better yet, it leaves your teeth feeling polished and cleaned like you have just left the dental office after a deep cleaning. The UV sanitation and speed option is a great bonus and feature that is a-must-have. Its a great gift idea and its healthy for your smile.

To learn more about the features which we have not covered please visit Philips Sonicare™ Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer website or simply call our Dr. Thomas Tang, DDS, general dentistry in Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI office at (262) 821-1000.


Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, Wisconsin’s only accredited cosmetic of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has some Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas posted from AACD. As an accredited member, both AACD, say, “Give the Gift of Snow White Smiles...

“...A great smile is the gift that keeps giving. Especially since virtually all Americans (99.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  AACD offers up five unique and cost-effective new teeth whitening and brightening products that they dub ‘must-have’ beauty gifts for holiday stockings this season,” AACD 

GOSmile Touch-up Smile Perfecting Ampoules 

(30 count) – Retail price -$35.00  
Available for purchase at:

  • Nordstrom Department Stores Nationwide

It’s the perfect gift for erasing all those holiday eating, drinking or smoking stains. Single-dose ampoules in three delicious sugar-free flavors –green apple, mint or watermelon. Just flip open and touch up to keep breath fresh and teeth polished for that white, bright smile.

Chic-Flic TOGO Pen 

Retail price- $29.99 

Available for purchase at:

For the “grin” that stole Christmas, give this dual-sided tooth whitener and lip-gloss plumper in one featuring a sexy red case with built-in mirrors and mini LED lights. It delivers visibly whiter teeth in just a few applications, without causing sensitivity.  It’s the perfect for gift for anyone on the run. 

Guy-friendly version is also available.

Whiter Image Teeth Whitening Pen

“The Chic Flic had just been introduced at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.  I got one for my fiancee.  We were out to dinner at a very expensive, but crowded, Italian restaurant in Manhattan.  After dinner, my fiancee, trapped between tables on either side, took out the Chic Flic to freshen up her "whitened" teeth after the red wine we consumed.  She was applying the whitening touch-up using the lighted mirror, when the women at BOTH of the neighboring tables turned to her and asked where she got it.  They were fascinated.”

Dr. Marty Zase Accredited Member and Past-President (2006-2007)

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

SuperSmile Advanced Professional Whitening Gum 

Retail price -$24.00

Available for purchase at:

  • Walgreens stores nationwide

Sweet treats are great but why not mix it up a bit with a healthy holiday gift that gives back.  Enjoy a refreshing original mint flavored chewing gum featuring Calprox® which incorporates Baking Soda to help eliminate germs and freshen breath. Safely removes surface stains, cleans teeth and protects against cavities.

Pearly Wipes 

Retail price - $6.95 per pack

Available for purchase at:

They also have Wine Wipes, where they have Fighting Breast Cancer campaign and gift pack...“Borracha′s "CHEERS TO A CURE" Blend is produced and bottled by Amy Butler of Ranchero Cellars in Paso Robles.  A craftswoman of the grape, Amy Butler strives to create unique and delicious intoxicating art.”

Here’s a simple gift that offers the perfect mistletoe prep. These new wipes clean and protect your smile and offer a minty freshen-up after meals. This 20-wipe pack, complete with mirror, prevents staining from beverages such as wine, coffee, tea, soda or fruit juice.


Tis the Season of Giving ... Here are a couple of Neat Gifting Giving to Give Back to Great Causes

Purchase Purchase award-winning wine from our store

Contribute A portion of your purchase goes to the ONEHOPE Foundation

Donate ONEHOPE Foundation donates 100% back to partner non-profits

Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, Best Cosmetic Dentist, understands that us adults love wine, wine is definitely a well received gift and certainly does not promote that you do not drink wine however, Dr. Tang would like to remind you to make sure you follow the Wine Consumption tips to keep your healthy smiles brilliant white. Rinse often with H2O in between when drinking, sugarless tooth whitening gum, and of course....Brush, Floss and Swish with Fluoride. 

Here is Dr. Tang’s Favorite!

Dr. Tang, Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Best Cosmetic Dentist, Thomas Tang, DDS, Wisconsin Only Accredited Cosmetic as an accredited member of AACD, is looking forward to begin the process to participate in this program, Give Back A Smile, starting 2012. Some of you may have noticed this banner posted previously.

Give Back a Smile Program

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Charitable Foundation (AACDCF)


The AACDCF is on a mission to assist in rebuilding the lives and dignity of survivors of domestic violence through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs. Our program provides restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the smile-zone at no cost to qualified survivors through our nationwide network of volunteer cosmetic dentists and our support team of laboratories and dental manufacturers.

Give Back a Smile

The Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program launched May 27, 1999. Since then, AACD member dentists, dental laboratories, and other dental professionals have volunteered their time and expertise pro bono, to restore the damaged smiles of more than 1,100 survivors of intimate partner violence for a total dollar value of more than $10 million. 

GBAS Program Recipient 

There are currently more than 350 applicants that are being treated throughout the United States and Canada. Read more about the Give Back a Smile Program.

How You Can Help?

10 ways to support Give Back a Smile (GBAS)

We certainly hope that Dr. Tang's Great Gift of Smiles Guide will bring you, your family and friends, full of surprises, joyous unwrapping and happiness this Holiday Season. From the Office Dr. Thomas Tang, DDS, Best Dental Office, Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin, would like to Wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday and may your Smiles be Full of Joy and Bright this Season and all the Seasons to come . . . 

If we left any neat Gifts out that you would like to share, we invite you to please leave a comment with your ideas.

Please feel free to schedule a free consultation, checkup or second-opinion visit, contact the dentistry practice of Dr. Thomas Tang today, or call our Brookfield office serving Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin at (262) 821-1000 to schedule an appointment, free consultation or second opinion.




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