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Take the Poll :: Complete Smile Transformation in One-Hour in Milwaukee, WI

By Dr.Thomas Tang on February 06, 2012


Watch an Average Smile Transform Into a Radiant Smile With SmileSimplicity®

ZERO-PAIN(TM) veneer procedure creates a gorgeous smile with no shots or removal of sensitive tooth structure




Modern Cosmetic Dentistry of the 21st Century! Dr. Tang, Milwaukee, WI Dental Veneers located in Brookfield, WI, has come into new innovative procedures where it is possible to have Veneers procedures on the Same-Day. So, we thought to create a poll and to see what your thoughts are with this information we are providing.

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Complete Smile Transformation in Milwaukee, WI Dental Veneers located in Brookfield, WI

Dental Veneers Modern Cosmetic Dentistry of the 21st Century!

Have you ever wanted dental veneers but felt that they were financially out of reach?

You want something permanent, non-removable and bonded into place but you are afraid of invasive dental work? 

Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin New One-Hour Veneers in dental technology has brand new revolutionary advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry. Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin Veneers are a permanent, economical and aesthetic alternative to traditional bonding and dental veneers available to you. 

With the Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin One Hour Cerinate Veneer, you can have an instant smile makeover that transforms your look in only one-hour that is shot free, drill free, grinding free and more importantly a pain free procedure! 

That’s right, Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin New One-Hour Veneers is an affordable permanent smile transformation that requires no drilling, no grinding, no shots and no pain!

Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin One-Hour Veneers requires no tooth structure removal, which is practically painless. The results are instantly achieved at a fraction of the time and price! 


The process is simple! 

  • Step one is to take an impression of the teeth. 
  • Step two the shape, size and color is evaluated and decided upon. 
  • Step three the doctor modifies the veneer to shape your individual shape; This is done out side the mouth on the model for optimal patient comfort. 
  • Step four the veneers are tried in. 
  • Step five re-contour if necessary.
  • Step six is to bond them in place.
  • Step seven is to clean any excess cement. 
  • Step eight is to have Milwaukee, Wisconsin One-Hour Veneer’s new smile and show off your new look! 

The Advantages?

  • Permanent Smile transformation in One-Quick-Visit, in practically One-Hour
  • Completely Customizable
  • No drilling, no grinding, no shots = no pain
  • 20 years of clinical testing shows results show they are long lasting and stain resistant! and, its affordable

Smile enhancement has never been easier!

So whether you want a whiter, brighter smile, have chipping, loss of tooth height, spaces or other clinical indications, Milwaukee-Brookfield, Wisconsin One-Hour Cerinate Veneers, may be the answer for you!

Now, that you have reviewed the information, we invite you to take the poll...let us know what you think.



Dr. Thomas Tang, DDS, serving the Brookfield-Milwaukee, Wisconsin such as dental veneers, is stringent in searching for great dental options and results for all his patients researching and using advanced modern technology to Customize Your Smile.

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