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Dental Bridges BrookfieldIf you need permanent, steadfast support for your dentures or an artificial tooth such as a dental crown or bridge, Dr. Thomas Tang places titanium dental implants at his Brookfield, Wisconsin practice.

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically implanted in the jaw bone to replace natural tooth roots, giving you the best possible support for dental prosthetics, especially dentures. Conventional dentures simply rest on the gums, held in place with a mild adhesive, and are prone to slipping while speaking or eating. When dentures are supported by implants, patients find it is much easier to enunciate and chew, and they no longer need to worry about an embarrassing, unexpected shift in their dentures. Though the process of placing dental implants takes several months, many patients find that the benefits are well worth the wait.

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The Procedure

The placement of dental implants basically involves two steps. First, after anesthesia is administered, an incision is made in the gums and a special drill is used to make holes in the jawbone to accommodate the implant. Titanium posts are placed in the holes and the gums are stitched closed over the implants so they can begin to fuse with the jaw bone. This healing process, known as osseointegration, can take anywhere from three to six months, though in some cases, it can take up to a year.

The second step begins after healing has completed, and the implants have successfully fused with the jaw bone. Once again, an incision is made in the gums, revealing the tops of the implant. An abutment, which will attach to the dental prosthetic, is secured to the top of each implant. Temporary dentures or crowns will facilitate the healing of the gums around the abutment. The process is complete when your custom dentures or crowns are placed on the implant in place of the temporary prosthetics.

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Dental Implant Candidates

In order to effectively foster dental implants, patients must have a high bone density in their jaw. You must also have a strong immune system in order to properly heal following this surgical procedure. Ideal patients are individuals with severely decayed or damaged teeth as well as those who are missing one or more teeth. If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tang at his Brookfield, Wisconsin practice today.

Risks of Dental Implants

The process of placing dental implants involves surgery, and all surgeries involve a degree of risk. In this case, those risks include damage to surrounding teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage, infection and sinus problems. Often, your dentist will take X-rays before surgery to ensure no surrounding structures are damaged. The best way to ensure a successful treatment is to select a surgeon with a proven track record and solid credentials.

Learn More about Dental Implants

If you wear dentures and are seeking a more permanent solution for securing your dental prosthetic, or are in need of a crown or bridge and want dependable support with a natural feel, dental implants may be well-suited to meet your needs.

To learn more about how dental implants can provide dependable, comfortable support, contact our Brookfield, Wisconsin dental practice today.

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