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How Do Cavities Form?

June 27, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: General Dentistry Tooth Decay

Cavities are caused by oral bacteria attaching to teeth via plaque and dental calculus/tartar. Tooth decay can be treated through restorative dentistry.

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Gum Recession Causes: Are You at Risk?

May 28, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Gum Disease Restorative Dentistry

At the practice of Thomas Tang, DDS, we seek to educate patients about the causes of gum recession.

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Dental Care for Elderly Patients and Their Needs

April 28, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Restorative Dentistry General Dentistry Missing Teeth

Dental care for elderly patients typically involves treatments for tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, and oral cancer screenings.

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Root Planing and Scaling: The Deep Cleaning Process

March 30, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Root Planing And Scaling General Dentistry Tooth Decay Gum Disease

Root planing and scaling (deep cleaning) is procedure in which the plaque and tartar is scraped off of the teeth to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

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Wedding Season Savings ! Creating A Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day with Dr. Tang, DDS!

March 19, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Brookfield Dental Brookfield Dentist Dental Teeth Whitening

Brookfield, WI Bride Wedding Dental whitening

Wedding Season Savings !

A White Wedding is the Most Important Smile of Your Life - Creating A Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day with Dr. Tang, DDS!

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Porcelain Veneers Preparation: Patient Information

February 27, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Prepping teeth for porcelain dental veneers will involve the removal of a little bit of enamel in order to accommodate the cosmetic dentistry appliance.

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Bad Breath: Treatments and Tips for Prevention

January 27, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Bad Breath General Dentistry

Bad breath (halitosis) can be treated through good general dentistry and restorative dental care. Good oral hygiene is one method of prevention.

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How Regular Dentist Visits Can Save Your Smile - Don't Wait Out The Risk

January 16, 2015 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Milwaukee Oral Sedation Brookfield Oral Sedation Dental Phobia Dental Pain Dental Anxiety

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Can I Straighten My Smile with Invisalign® Treatment?

December 29, 2014 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Invisalign Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of Dr. Thomas Tang’s patients who are in need of orthodontic treatment are ideal candidates for Invisalign® clear braces.

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Treating Dental Stains: Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration

November 26, 2014 — by Dr.Thomas Tang
Tags: Teeth Whitening Porcelain Veneers Dental Bonding Cosmetic Dentistry

Not all dental discoloration is the same. Find out which tooth discoloration treatment is best for each particular type of dental discoloration.

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